(aka. Mega Drive)

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CPU 68k Main CPU
CPU Z80 Sound CPU
PSG SN76489 Secondary Sound Generator



5p832.pdf LH5P832: CMOS 256k (32k x 8) Pseudo-Static RAM (from Zophar's Domain)
ae04044.pdf NJM3403A: Single-Supply Quad Operational Amplifier (from Zophar's Domain)
ae04045.pdf NJM3404A: Single-Supply Dual Operational Amplifier (from Zophar's Domain)
lc78815m.pdf LC78815M: Two-Channel, 16-bit D/A Converter for Digital Audio Applications (from Zophar's Domain)
lc7883km.pdf LC7883K, LC7883KM: 16-bit Digital Filter and D/A Converter for Digital Audio (from Zophar's Domain)
lc89515k.pdf LC89515K: CD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction/Host Interface LSI (from Zophar's Domain)
x24c01.pdf X24C01 128 x 8 Bit Serial E2PROM (from Charles MacDonald's site)
rf5c68a.pdf Ricoh RF5C68A PCM Sound Generator IC (from Charles MacDonald's site)
lc89510.pdf Sanyo LC89510 Error Correction and Host-Interface IC for CD-ROM and CD-I Players (from Charles MacDonald's site)


32xdoc1.txt Basic Information on the Sega 32x (from Zophar's Domain)
hitachi/ (all-in-one)
Information about SH7604 Taken from Hitachi Website (from Zophar's Domain)

Sega CD

Sega CD Model 2 US Manual.pdf Sega CD User's Guide
scdgfx.txt Sega CD Graphics Co-processor Notes (1st rev, 2003/05/16) (Michael Pavone) (from Sega CD Development)


joystick.txt Genesis Joystick Pinouts (1993/03/02) (Neal Patrick Howland)
segasix.txt Sega Six Button Controller Hardware Info (1.0, 1996/09/09) (Charles Rosenberg)
smscont.html SMS/Genesis Controller Pinouts (1998/06/28) (Jay Tilton) (from Deathskull Laboratories)

File Formats

gensave.txt Sega Genesis Emulator Save State Reference (1st ed) (Bart Trzynadlowski)
gstform.txt Genecyst Save State Format (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
smd_rom.txt SMD ROM Format Documentation (1999) (Bart Trzynadlowski)
gmv.txt Gens Movie (GMV) File Format (unfinished) (Dieter Baron)


genvdp.txt Sega Genesis VDP Documentation (1.5f) (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
consolegfx.txt Console Graphics Formats (0.7, 2000/01/02) (Klarth)
m5hvc.txt VDP Timing for an NTSC Genesis in Display Mode 5 (0.4, 2000/11/29) (Charles MacDonald)


YM2612.html YM2612 Documentation (Maxim) (from Maxim's World of Stuff)
ym2612.txt Format of the YM2612 Test Register (Charles MacDonald)
gensound.txt Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) (from Emulatronia)


sega2.doc (original)
sega2f.htm (converted, images fixed)
sega2fhtml.rar (HTML-in-one)
Sega Genesis Manual
Genesis_Tech_Overview.html Genesis Technical Overview (from Zophar's Domain)
gen-hw.txt Sega Genesis Hardware Notes (0.8) (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
gennotes.txt Sega Genesis Technical Notes (2nd ed) (Bart Trzynadlowski et al) (from Zophar's Domain)
genhw.txt Sega Genesis Hardware Internals (1993/07/04) (Rick McTeague)
Genesis_Programming_FAQ.txt Sega Programming FAQ (6th ed, 1996/05/23) (Henry Rieke) (from Zophar's Domain)
Genesis_ROM_Format.txt The Complete Documentation About Genesis ROM Format (1.1) (from Zophar's Domain)
ssf2.txt Super Street Fighter II Genesis Technical Information (2nd ed) (Bart Trzynadlowski)
smdtech.txt Super Magic Drive Hardware Information (0.2) (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
smdform.txt Super Magic Drive File Format Descriptions (Charles MacDonald) (from Charles MacDonald's site)
mega1.png Sega Genesis Schematics: CPU and Custom Chips (from Charles MacDonald's site)
mega2.png Sega Genesis Schematics: Sound and Video (from Charles MacDonald's site)
mega3.png Sega Genesis Block Diagram (from Charles MacDonald's site)
master-mega-converter-mb01.jpg (front)
master-mega-converter-mb02.jpg (back)
Master Mega Converter PCB (from Charles MacDonald's site)
gennycart.htm Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Cart Pinout (from
gennyport.htm Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Expansion Port Pinout (from